Welcome to Rostrum Medical

Rostrum grew from a desire to empower medical practitioners with new and useful solutions to help solve everyday challenges that medical professionals face. Since 2009, our team has strived to deliver novel solutions to problematic uncertainties in modern day practice. With a combined 30 years of managerial and product development experience, and backed by a team of renowned engineers with a history of commercial success, as well as a Medical Advisory Board comprised of progressive clinicians from all over the world,  we are driven by one goal — to address clinical needs in healthcare. We pride ourselves in our commitment to providing innovative ideas to our healthcare professionals so that they have useful, forward-thinking solutions for their patients and their practice.

Rostrum Medical is committed to:

  1. Providing tools that are ‘user friendly’ and affordable for beside clinical practice in the ICU, and
  2. Providing a non-invasive clinical monitoring system that helps clinicians individualize care for patients.
About Us

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